Australian mattress manufacturer Get Well Bedding succeeds in online sales

With an exceptional reputation and a focus on providing the best quality products, people are happily buying mattresses online without having the chance to test them out.

Launched in 2008, Get Well Bedding has becoming one of the most respected mattress brands in Australia. Headed up by prominent Chiropractor and Anatomist, Dr Veli Solyali, the Get Well business has now evolved inline with their growth to launch a brand new, easy to use website.

‘As our business has grown so much over the years, we have recognised that we must keep evolving our technology to make it even easier for customers to access and purchase our products’ Dr Solyali says. ‘Some people initially told us that selling mattresses online wouldn’t work, however, the fact that we have done this for almost 7 years now is proof that our products are reliable enough that people are happy to buy them anytime through our ecommerce website.’

Developed by leading web development and business development agency Digital Duet,  the new look site represents an important step in the journey of this Australian owned business. ‘2015 will be a huge one for us’ says Dr Solyali, ‘We have recently entered into partnerships with The Rabbitohs, The Velocity Program and Amex, and are expanding our product range with some fantastic Australian designed and made products aimed at giving our customers a better nights sleep’.

Want to have the best nights sleep? Head to and check out this Australian success story for yourself!

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