Sleeping easy

Our latest interview on Channel 7.

Get Well Pillow Ultrafresh antibacterial foam

A description of Get Well Bedding Ultrafresh foam chiropractor designed pillow.

Get Well Bedding: Bed without partner disturbance

Dr Veli Solyali demonstrate how the handmade Get Well Bed eliminate partner disturbance.

Get Well Bedding: When do I need to change my mattress?

Dr Veli Solyali on when to change your mattress

Get Well Bedding Fusion Gel memory foam

A description of Get Well Bedding Fusion Gel memory Foam.

Get Well Bedding natural latex vs synthetic latex

Highlighting the difference between Natural and synthetic latex. Get Well Bedding only uses 100% natural latex on their latex bed.

Get Well Bedding, designed by a Chiropractor: Dr Veli Solyali expertise

An introduction of Dr Veli Solyali, Chiropractor and Anatomist

Get Well Bedding: How to build the best bed

A description of how a Get Well Bed gets made